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4 Tips For a Safe School Prom

May 5, 2016

With most school proms only weeks away, it’s important for faculty and administrators to begin tying up any loose ends before the big night. Remember, this is one of the most important nights of your students’ lives so you’ll definitely want it to be perfect — and more importantly, safe!

  1. Hold an assembly. Speaking with your students about the prom is an important step. If you haven’t already, host a “prom-safety” assembly for all those who have purchased a ticket. Explain the dangers of underage drinking and the security and safety measure that will be in place on the night of prom to prevent anyone from disobeying the rules.
  2. Solidify your chaperones. Prom is essentially one large, exciting school field trip, so it only makes sense to have a few trustworthy chaperones aboard. We suggest selecting your finest faculty and administration members, as well as a few active PTA parents. Make sure to let students and parents know which chaperones will be in attendance.
  3. Set up an after-prom. Keeping your students safe during prom is the easy part, but protecting them afterwards can be quite difficult. To minimize the chances that your students will make poor decisions after the night is over, why not host an after-party as well! That way, at least everyone will remain together and off the streets.
  4. Provide some transportation. Most times students will opt to arrange their own transportation, but having secure options for them at the ready is a great idea. Whether or not your budget allows you to pay for transportation, at least having a preferred and trusted company ready for referral is beneficial.

Besides taking these safety measure, it’s important to go over the logistics of your event one more time before the big day. If you’ve opted to host prom on school grounds, be sure that you have enough tables and chairs to go around — and a few extra as well! If you find yourself running short on seating, or if you notice that parts of your gymnasium could use a refresher, allow Nickerson Corporation to assist!

To learn more about how we can help make this year’s prom season a success, call 631-666-0200 today!