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Virtual Field Trips For Everyone!

April 1, 2016

With the warm weather starting, we know that it’s prime time for school field trips. In a recent blog, we pointed out some of the best field trip ideas for schools in the tri-state area, but we realize that there are some school districts that are unable to travel with students for a variety of reasons.

And, that’s where Nearpod comes into play!

Nearpod is a program for the classroom that allows teachers to take their learning to the next level, by bringing students to faraway lands — virtually. Wouldn’t it be great to take your students to China in the middle of a history lesson? Or how about allowing them to virtually walk on Mars during astronomy? Move over Ms. Frizzle, here we come!

While there’s certainly nothing like experiencing these places in real life, Nearpod is unique in that it allows the educator to upload their existing presentations and incorporate them seamlessly into the virtual field trip experience. If you’ve ever been on an educational field trip with students, you know how difficult it is to get any teaching done with their excitement levels on high alert. With Nearpod, students can experience these field trips right from their seat, which gives the teacher a better opportunity to hold their attention and make the lesson worthwhile.

If virtual field trips are something that you think your class would benefit from, feel free to visit the Nearpod website for more information. And remember, if your students are going to be perusing the Great Wall of China from their seats, you’ll want to make sure that those seats are as comfortable and functionable as possible!

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