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Make Your Next School Event a Success

March 22, 2016

Spring is finally here, which presents the perfect opportunity to host some interactive outdoor events for your students and their families to enjoy. From year-end picnics and warm-weather carnivals, to field days, outdoor movie nights, and more, the opportunities to incorporate a little fun into your school sanctioned events are nearly endless. That being said, planning a successful event is not as easy as it looks, which is why you’ll need to make sure you take these important items into consideration first.

  1. Weather Conditions – As you know, the weather can be unpredictable. Always be prepared to take on the elements with a plan in place to protect guests from the harsh sun, or relentless rain. In addition, it’s important to always have a rain date scheduled in case mother nature causes for a cancellation.
  2. Entertainment – Nothing makes or breaks an event like the entertainment. Make sure you have plenty of age-appropriate options for the whole family and school staff to enjoy. As a bonus, try to choose activities that get your students moving to promote physical fitness.
  3. Food Options – Refreshments bring a crowd, so make sure yours are to die for! Pizza parties and BBQs are always a crowd pleaser among students. You can even incorporate a fundraiser aspect by hosting a simultaneous bake sale.
  4. Seating Availability – Arguably one of the most important aspects of planning any sort of event is ensuring that you’ve got adequate seating. Your guests will want to take a break from the fun every now and then, so make sure you’ve got enough folding chairs and tables to accommodate at least 75% of your projected guest count.
  5. Student Input – Last but not least, get your students and their families involved in the planning process. They’re much more likely to attend an event that they helped plan, especially if it aligns with their interests. For all we know, field days might be out and outdoor talent shows might be in!

As you’re planning your family fun for the spring, take notice of any school furniture or equipment that might need recording or repair. Whether it’s a stage and riser, or additional moveable furniture that you seek, Nickerson Corporation has all the resources to help make your next school event a success.

Nickerson Corporation has provided quality classroom furniture solutions to schools in the New York and New Jersey areas for more than 60 years. For more information, call 631-666-0200.