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Lack of Internet Access Creates an Educational Speed Bump

February 23, 2016

While most schools have adapted their curriculum and resource funding to help keep up with the latest technology trends, the availability of such resources at home is not always there. A recent article published by Education World asserts that studies done by “the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop and Rutgers University [indicate] that in the 21st century, learning environments will never be equal until all families have equal internet access.”

This is due in large part to the lack of healthy curiosity that living without reliable internet access fails to produce. Think about how many times you, as an adult and/or educator, consult Google to find out more about a topic you’re interested in. Now, imagine if that option was not as easily available to you as it is now. While many students have mobile-only internet access, these recent findings argue that it is not enough. With a strong internet connection to a desktop or laptop at home, students are better able to work on homework and assignment with the ability to simultaneously look up information to perfect them.

That being said, unfortunately there’s little that educational institutions can do to lift this burden. Sure, some districts have the funds to provide internet access at home for students whose families are unable, but certainly not all. That leaves educators in a difficult place, with only one solution in sight: If students are not going to be able to have internet access at home, they must have the best on-premise computer labs available for them to use both during and after school hours.

Here at Nickerson Corporation, we believe that having a comfortable computer workspace for students is vital in increasing productivity and enhancing their overall educational experience. We assist schools and offices throughout New York and New Jersey in effectively purchasing technology ready furniture from leading manufacturers in the industry.

Let us help you revamp your old computer classrooms, and turn them into functional workspaces that ignite students’ creativity and motivation. To learn more, call 631-666-0200.