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How To Use Candy Hearts in the Classroom

February 9, 2016

Valentine’s Day is this coming weekend, and love is in the air — The love of candy of course! We don’t doubt that your students will all be sharing plenty of Valentine’s Day treats throughout the week, so why not take part in all the fun? Giving out candy hearts is not just a tradition, but a great way to incorporate interactive learning opportunities that your students will love into your lesson plans. Here are three of the best classroom activities we found that can help you link learning and sweet treats in the classroom for Valentine’s Day.

Sight Word Bingo – Candy hearts are a great teaching tool because they’re teeming with sight words! For this activity, create and hand out a bingo board, replacing the traditional numbers with different site words that often appear on candy hearts. The difficulty of this game can vary depending on the words you choose. Give your students a box of candy hearts and have them try to make bingo by matching the site words. If you want to really make things interesting, try color-coding the columns!

Alphabetical Order – Allow your students to practice their alphabetizing skills by putting each piece of candy in order based on their phrase. With moveable pieces it will be easier for your students to work through the alphabetizing process, as they can easily swap candy hearts around until they’ve got it just right. Once they’re finished have them record their list on a worksheet, like this one from Scholastic.

Coloring With Candy – For all those star artists out there, incorporating some colorful candy hearts as a medium can produce pretty interesting results. Encourage students to create an image by grouping the colored candies together. You can even have them do a brief written explanation of their final masterpiece, or use it as the foundation of a handmade Valentine’s Day Card.

For more great ways to incorporate this sweet treat in the classroom, click here! And while you’re spreading the love, how about giving your classroom furniture some attention and TLC as well? Take note of any furniture that’s damaged or no longer useful, and start designing an updated, more functional space for your students.

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