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3 Things That Make Your Scoreboard Stand Out

February 1, 2016

With the Super Bowl only days away, there’s only one thing that’s for certain: All eyes will most definitely be on that giant scoreboard in Levi’s Stadium this Sunday! With that being said, let’s take a moment to think about the power that a good scoreboard can have on the dynamic of a sporting game and how you can make your school’s stand out during the spring season.

Fully Functioning – There’s nothing that puts a damper on a school sporting event more than a broken scoreboard. Imagine trying to root for your favorite team in the Super Bowl and having no idea what the score was or how much time was left on the clock! A working scoreboard can keep both fans and players engaged and motivated to win.

Bold & Bright – While there’s something to be said about tradition, most would agree that the appearance of a brand-new, digital scoreboard outweighs the impact that a manual one would have. We say go as bold and bright as possible, with custom school colors and LED technology. That way, your players and spectators can see their team winning from all the way down the field or court and in the grandstands.

Team Branded – Nothing boosts school spirit quite like some custom branding, and your scoreboard should be no different. Bring your school arena full-circle — from custom bleachers and flooring to a brightly branded digital scoreboard, displayed loud and proud!

Are you inspired to upgrade your current scoreboard to a new and improved version before the spring sports season? If so, the athletic equipment and school furniture experts at Nickerson Corporation can help!

We believes that students should have athletic equipment that is durable, innovative, and motivating! That’s why we’ve been providing the latest in high quality,environmentally-friendly products — such as sports flooring, digital scoreboards, and other school gym equipment — throughout New York and New Jersey for more than 60 years.

To learn how Nickerson Corporation can help your school create sports environments that boost young athletes’ ability to train and improve performance, click here or call 631-666-0200 today.