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Motivate Your Students to Get Fit in 2016

January 5, 2016

As each new year begins many find themselves creating lavish fitness goals and resolutions with only the best intentions, but then not being able to follow through with them. While you may have found yourself in a similar scenario before, remember that it’s likely your students have as well!

Besides academics, one of the most important ways that educational institutions help students better themselves is by reinforcing the importance of exercising and staying fit — and we can’t think of a better way to perpetuate that idea than by upgrading your athletic equipment for the new year! If you’re looking for ways to put a little pep in your physical education and extracurricular activity step, here are some of the top ways to revamp your gymnasium and athletic gear in 2016.

Refinish or replace your sports flooring. The floor of a gymnasium is designed specifically to handle a high level of foot traffic and activity. When finished properly, your sports flooring should be cushioned enough to provide bounce but strong enough to handle normal wear and tear.

Invest in a custom scoreboard. Nothing boost school spirit and bolsters camaraderie around sports quite like a customized, fully functioning scoreboard. Whether you choose to use it to keep score during friendly gameplay in gym class, or reserve it for scheduled sporting events, a custom scoreboard is bound to be a hit with faculty, students and parents alike!

Repair your amenities. Are your batting cages looking a bit dated? Do your basketball backboards have a mind of their own? In order to motivate students to use these amenities, they must first be functionable!

Put up or service a partition. Many gymnasiums have a movable partition which allows the space to be divided into two separate rooms. This is great because it allows there to be two or more different activities going on at once, giving students more variety and choice.

Here at Nickerson Corporation we believe that students should have athletic equipment that is not only durable and innovative, but safe as well. For years we have been providing schools in the New York and New Jersey areas with the latest in high quality,environmentally-friendly products such as sports flooring, digital scoreboards, and other school gym equipment. Our partnerships with leading manufacturers in the athletic equipment industry have allowed us to create sports environments that boost young athletes’ motivation and ability to train and stay physically fit.

To learn more about our athletic equipment offerings and repair services call 631-666-0200.