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Easy Classroom Snow Globe Craft for the Holidays

December 11, 2015

Looking for a great way to incorporate your reading and writing lessons with a simple craft for the holidays? Have your students brainstorm and design their own custom snow globe to bring home to their families!


What you’ll need:

  • Class set of small glass jars with matching lids
  • Large container of glitter in whatever color(s) you choose
  • Glue gun or waterproof glue
  • Small toys and a pitcher of water for inside the globes


  1. Read The Snow Globe Family by Jane O’Connor to the class and then brainstorm as a group what different elements they think would make up a snow globe of the class.
  2. Ask your students to imagine what their family’s snow globe would look like and give them a short ditto with an illustratable snow globe and a space for an explanation of their drawing.
  3. Tell your students that they’ll be creating their own snow globes, and invite them to bring in any small items that they have at home that they think would help bring their design to life.


  1. Distribute jars and have students remove the lids and place them inside up. Pass out a selection of small toys and decorations and ask them to begin re-creating their snow globe scene.
  1. Walk around with your glue gun or waterproof glue and help students glue down their designs. After each student has finished their project, set the lids aside to dry and grab the jars.
  1. Fill each student’s jar with cold water, leaving a bit of free space. Then add a few scoops of glitter into the water, grab the decorated lid and seal the jar with glue.
  1. Instruct your students to keep their creations upside down on their desks overnight while the glue drys.


  1. Give each snow globe a test shake and secure any lids that leak, re-gluing any leaky spots.
  1. Send your students home with a handmade holiday gift!

How are you celebrating the holidays in your classroom? We’d love to hear all about your unique lesson plan ideas on you Facebook page!

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