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Celebrate Special Education Day: 3 Tips to Make Your Classroom More Inclusive

December 2, 2015

First celebrated in 2005, National Special Education Day marks the anniversary of the first ever federal law regarding special education — December 2, 1975. Each year on December 2nd, we take this day to reflect on past progress, generate ideas for reform and celebrate the strides that the world of education has made, and will continue to make, to individualize education for those special education and general education students alike.

Happy at Scool

Celebrate Special Education Day in your own classroom with these tips to help make your classroom more inclusive for all:

1. Have at least one large table. What’s more inclusive than a class discussion or a cooperative group work session? Large, comfortable tables help facilitate an interactive learning environment for you to provide differentiated instruction to meet the individual needs of your students, and promote collaborative learning where students can help and learn from one another.

2. Request up-to-date technology. Having the latest and greatest technology in the classroom allows both students and teachers alike to have the world at their fingertips. Most importantly, it provides unique accessibility that many special needs students require in order to remain on task and engaged within a classroom setting.

3. Keep things visually interesting and organized. Streamline your lessons and storage spaces to make lesson concepts and resources easily understood visually. That means keeping clutter to a minimum, and having plenty of organizational systems in place including, posters, charts, diagrams, schedules, and more.

At Nickerson Corporation, we’re committed to providing high quality classroom furniture solutions to promote learning and inclusion in academic settings of all levels. From collaborative conference-style tables and chairs, to technology-ready furniture and custom storage options, we’ve got everything you need to create a welcoming learning environment for all.

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