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The Benefits of Tiered Classroom Seating

November 12, 2015

From school auditoriums to classrooms and college lecture halls, tiered seating is an excellent design choice for many reasons. It provides countless benefits for classroom communication, room configuration and the overall aesthetics of a space. If you’re considering upgrading some of your classroom or auditorium spaces to fixed, tiered seating, here are some of the benefits that you can expect to enjoy.


Inclusion – With tiered seating all students or audience members will have a clear sight line to the front of the room, which makes it easier for a speaker to engage everyone. In a lecture hall setting it also helps to bolster class interaction, as students are now able to see their classmates directly.

Comfort – Say goodbye to the days of watching students struggle to see over the heads of taller classmates. Tiered seating makes it so students can sit comfortably in their seats and still see the teacher. Plus, looking downward instead of upward or straight on is more comfortable and natural.

Supervision – On the flip side, while all students and audience members can now see the presenter, the presenter can also see each of them as well. This is beneficial from a teaching standpoint because it encourages students to remain focused since they have no way of hiding in the background with tiered seats.

Space-Saving – Since tiered seats are essentially stacked they allow for more seating options. The tiered seating option frees up space for wheelchair accessible seating as well. Some configurations even make it possible to use the space underneath for additional storage.

Impressive – At the end of the day, walking into an auditorium or lecture hall with tiered, fixed seating makes a more prestigious impression than a space with floor level seating.

So what are you waiting for? Tiered seating is the obvious choice for your classroom or auditorium remodel!

At Nickerson Corporation, we feel that that designing efficient lecture room seating has a direct correlation with student academic success. Our job is not to just sell school furniture across the New York and New Jersey areas, but to help schools build innovative classrooms, auditoriums and lecture halls that inspire students to learn. Our fixed seating options are vast, including unique product lines that contain outlets for charging of student devices.

To learn more about our auditorium and lecture room tiered seating options, call 631-666-0200.