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Preparation Tips to Help You Ace Parent-Teacher Conferences

October 30, 2015

iStock_000023559651_SmallThe majority of schools, especially those in the tri-state area, schedule their first parent-teacher conferences of the year during late fall. This ensures that each teacher has had enough time to thoroughly evaluate each of their students so they can accurately reflect on their progress since the school year began. In addition, having these conferences early on in the school year can help keep parents in the loop and allows ample time to correct or address any issues from the beginning.

While most teachers may see parent-teacher conferences as routine, they can be very intimidating for new teachers, or teachers that have recently began teaching a grade other than the one that they’re most familiar and comfortable with. Whether this is your very first time interacting one-on-one with parents or you’re a seasoned educational veteran, everyone can benefit from these simple preparation tips:

  • Send personal notes or invitation to parents, and try to schedule appointments times if possible. That way the meeting will be held at a time that’s most convenient for everyone.
  • Create a folder for each student with samples of their work and a write up of any notes that you may have taken regarding the student so far so you have everything you need easily accessible during each conference.
  • Great a specific agenda for each meeting so that you can be sure to touch on everything you feel is necessary during the meeting. This will help you feel confident going into each conference.
  • Remember that some parent meetings may run longer than other. Try to anticipate the length of each conference and plan your schedule accordingly.
  • During every conference, always begin with the positives and then discuss any issues or concerns if necessary. That way, you’ll start the meeting off on a positive note.

Remember that aside from your own personal preparedness, your classroom itself will be on display. Parents want to enter a warm, inviting learning environment, so make sure to present it that way. Be sure to have your classroom cleaned and put plenty of student work on display. In addition, it’s important to create a comfortable meeting space for parents to sit and discuss their child’s academic progress with you. You must remember that at the end of the day, you and your students’ parents have the same goal in mind – to help their child succeed!

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