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Celebrate National School Lunch Week!

October 13, 2015

Way back when President John F. Kennedy was in office in 1962 our nation’s leader decided it would be beneficial to devote one entire week each year to the celebration of the ever-so-important school lunch program. Every year since, school cafeterias nationwide have celebrated this wonderful week with lunchroom decorations, school events and even special menu items.


This year, National School Lunch Week is being observed from October 12-16. While the celebration is already underway, if you haven’t made plans to celebrate yet, here are a few ways you can continue the celebration all month long!

  1. Encourage your students to eat healthy snacks. Put together a classroom snack corner comprised of only healthy snacks and incorporate games into your lessons so students can “win a trip to the snack corner” before lunch time. Remember to check with each child’s parents before building up your supply, and pay special attention to allergy restrictions.
  1. Have a classroom picnic. Celebrate lunch outdoors with a nutritious picnic! This is a great way to let your students enjoy the cool autumn weather, which points to countless other teaching opportunities! We suggest inviting parents to come on down for the picnic as well, encouraging them to bring a healthy dish for everyone to share.
  1. Learn all about nutrition labels. If time allows, throw in a unit on eating healthy and teach your students how to read nutrition labels. Have them compare their favorite snacks and figure out which are the healthier options. Understanding food packaging is a valuable skill that they’ll take with them now and all the way through adulthood.
  1. Spruce up the cafeteria. What better way to celebrate school lunches than by renovating the very place they’re eaten in? Give your seating areas and lunch counters a once over. If it looks like they could use a facelift, there’s no better time to do it than now!

At Nickerson Corporation, we know the importance of creating inviting and energizing cafeterias and food courts. Not only are these spaces a place for students and faculty to interact and enjoy, but they can also be a great place to teach valuable dietary lessons that will stick with students for years to come.

Rest assured that we work with top manufacturers that produce high quality, low maintenance furniture allowing for innovative, personalized food court solutions for any budget. Our number one goal is to utilize multifunctional furniture that will easily transform a school’s space into a collaborative dining environment.

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