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3 Spaces to Consider Upgrading For Class Reunion Month

October 15, 2015

A class reunion is a special celebration of togetherness and nostalgia that’s often best appreciated right where it all began – back at school! October is class reunion month, and while you may not have any reunions schedule yet, do you feel that your school has adequate space to host one in the future? If you answered no, here are 3 spaces that we suggest you consider upgrading to get your building reunion ready in time:


The Auditorium – The auditorium is the heart of the school building, so even if the majority of your reunion won’t be held in this space it’s still worth giving it a good upgrade. Former students will likely want to take a look around and visit the space where they starred in their first school play, collaborated with the school orchestra or simply heard a powerful guest speaker that left a pleasant memory in their hearts. Plus, the auditorium is always a great place for opening remarks!

The Gymnasium – In our opinion, the school gym is the best place to host a large event like a class reunion. With all of that wide open space, the opportunities for setup and decor are seemingly endless! Impress your former students with newly finished flooring, an innovative scoreboard and custom bleachers that are just beaming with school spirit.

The Cafeteria – As an alternative or in addition to the gym, the cafeteria is a great space to host a large event. After all, every good class reunion should have a wide variety of delicious food. What’s better than having a fully renovated kitchen and dining area at your disposal? Wouldn’t it be great to take your reunion to the next level and serve catering old-school, lunch-line style? We be your guests will approve!

A class reunion is truly a special event for everyone involved. From former students and faculty, to past and present administration, it’s important to be able to showcase your school to guests in the best light possible.

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