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Storage Solutions for Every Inch of your Classroom

September 17, 2015

We know that it can be difficult to fit all of your necessary classroom items in such a small space, especially when the storage opportunities are less than adequate. If you find yourself struggling to fit all of your necessary school supplies, books and other learning materials in your classroom, here are a few surefire tips to help you utilize the maximum amount of storage space available.

Classroom Storage Solutions

1. Measure the space so you know what you’re working with. In order to utilize your classroom space better you first need to know how much you have available. Take quick measurements of walls, cubbies, closets and dead space underneath furniture to get a starting point for your storage journey.

2. Make the most of your closets. If you’ve been given a tall closet with a single hang bar to work with, purchase and insert plastic drawers or shelving systems. That will allow you to store things upwards, making use of otherwise impractical space.

3. Use walls and doors for storage. Hanging a mesh shoe organizer on the inside of doors or tacked up on a the wall can create alternative storage for small, but necessary school supplies like scissors, glue, markers and the like.

4. Don’t let shelving space go to waste. Place multilevel desktop trays on shelves and in cubbies to take advantage height. For example, instead of having three activity printouts side by side, you’ll be able to stack them one on top of the other, using the space more efficiently while maintaining differentiation and organization.

5. Consider customized storage solutions. Personalized storage is the ultimate solution for fitting all that you need into your classroom space with ease. Custom wooden casework can not only solve the most difficult storage issues, but looks absolutely beautiful in any classroom setting.

At Nickerson Corporation, we feel that wood casework is a great addition to science classrooms, as well as other rooms that require an abundant amount of storage for supplies. For years we’ve worked with schools and institutions throughout New York and New Jersey to design and implement custom classroom furniture and storage arrangements that work.

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