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Encourage Your Students to Celebrate National Book Month!

September 30, 2015

October is National Book Month, the perfect opportunity to encourage your students to incorporate regular reading into their academic and daily lives. Studies have shown that the more we read, the better our problem solving and cognitive skills become. If you’re still looking for ways to celebrate, here are a few great ideas we came up with to help your students fall into a great book this season.


  1. One-a-Week Challenge: Make reading more fun by incorporating a little competitive spirit. Challenge your students to read a different book each week throughout the month of October and create a daily reading log where both parents and students can monitor how much progress they’ve made throughout the week. Make sure to set aside a little bit of time each Friday for students to share their recent reads and to hand out small prizes to those that meet the challenge.
  1. Host a Book Swap: Invite your students to either bring in a copy of their favorite book, or take the class to the school library and let everyone choose a book they love. Then, set up a table in the classroom and have each student briefly present their book and set it on the table. Pick names out of a hat and allow each student a chance to go up to the table and pick a new book to read. Make sure to have a few extras in there so that the last few students still have some options!
  1. After School Book Club: Take National Book Month one step further and start a book club that lasts all year round. Encourage students to join you after school once a week to read and discuss different books. You may want to use your local or school library as a meeting place so that everyone has access to whatever titles you choose.

How are you planning to celebrate National Book Month this year? We’d love to hear about all you’ve got planned on our Facebook page!

While you and your school are busy celebrating literature, don’t forget about the greatest literary hub of them all – the library! A school library is arguably one of the most important rooms within any educational institution, as it is the central location for individual and collaborative research and creativity.

For years, Nickerson Corporation has worked with schools and libraries throughout the New York and New Jersey areas to ensure that students are provided with innovative furniture that promotes a stimulating learning environment. We work with leading manufacturers of library shelving and furniture to develop eco-friendly, space saving, one-of-a-kind solutions.

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