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3 Ways to Use Operable Walls in a School Setting

September 29, 2015

Schools of all sizes are looking to operable wall systems to help them re-configure classroom and other building space to their advantage. With operable walls you can use your existing spaces for their intended purposes, and so much more! Here are just three of the many great ways that your school can benefit from installing one or more operable wall systems:

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Maximizing classroom space. If your building is short on space, or if you just want to use your space to the best of its ability, operable walls can help! Most commonly used in gymnasiums or cafeterias, operable walls can be used to separate a space giving it more than one use. For example, splitting a gym can allow two different games or physical activities to go on simultaneously, while splitting a large cafeteria makes space for a lunch period on one side and a study hall on the other.

Creating differentiated testing areas. With so many standardized tests, and so many students that need to take them, it’s sometimes difficult to find the space to give more than one exam at a time. With an operable wall system you’ll be able to split any room you’d like to make proctoring two different tests simultaneously a possibility. Both your faculty and students will thank you!

Meetings and parent-teacher conferences. If your building space allows, creating an area with moveable glass walls can be ideal for meetings and conferences. Not only will these walls allow privacy while still allowing natural light in, but they will look sleek and professional as well. Glass walls are also a great option for guidance and administrative offices. That way, your staff can have their own space, while still being in a visible, welcoming environment.

Nickerson Corporation offers a wide variety of operable wall systems, including several different panel style solutions, moveable glass walls and accordion partitions to fit each school’s individual wants and needs. No matter what kind of space or atmosphere you’re looking to create, between operable walls and our large selection of classroom furniture and storage options, you’re bound to find everything you need right here with us.

If you’re interested in inquiring about our operable wall options, or would like to see more of our product are services, be sure to click around the rest of our website or call 631-666-0200 today.