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3 Reasons Now is the Perfect Time to Renovate Your Auditorium

September 25, 2015

Let’s face it, your once beautiful auditorium has been losing it’s luster as the years go on. That’s normal, especially considering the countless numbers of students that have probably sat in those seats. For most schools, the auditorium is a place used for multiple different purposes: Seasonal school concerts, student-produced plays, mid-year award ceremonies and more. If you feel that your auditorium could use a facelift this year, now is the perfect time to do it and we’ll tell you why.


1. Start-up assemblies have been handled. You may have been fearful of summer maintenance with all of those annual assemblies coming up in the first few weeks of school. Now with September coming to a close and the mandatory gatherings are over you’ll have some time to take the auditorium off-line for some overdue updates.

2. The weather is permissible. Performing any sort of construction or renovation project in the fall is preferable, as the weather is just right. You won’t have to worry about workers or students being exposed to extreme temperatures. In fact, if your renovation requires opening up walls, you may actually benefit from a cool fall breeze

3. Mid-year events are on the horizon. School concerts, plays and award ceremonies are only a few months away. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to surprise your students and their families with a newly renovated auditorium to share their hard work and celebrate their achievements in? Plus, getting your auditorium renovated now means you’ll have less to worry about when graduation finally rolls around.

We know how important it is for a school to have a beautiful and functionable auditorium to share with their students and their families. Your school auditorium is where some of the most important topics are shared and memories are made.

At Nickerson Corporation, we offer a wide variety of auditorium seating for theaters and educational facilities to the New York and New Jersey area. Our seating options give guests the utmost comfort while watching a performance or sitting through an assembly. Some seating options even include sound absorption technologies so that listening it now interrupted by patron movement. Educational options include multi-functional auditorium seating with tablet arms and electrical outlets ensuring student comfort and convenience while learning.

If you’d like to learn more about how Nickerson can help you renovate or refurbish your school auditorium, click here or call 631-666-0200 today.