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Creative Ways to Teach With an Interactive Whiteboard

August 11, 2015

iStock_000059803502_LargeTechnology in the classroom has made leaps and bounds in recent years, with interactive whiteboards (IWBs) taking the education system by storm. Now, more than ever, you’d be hard pressed to find a school without at least one interactive whiteboard on the premises. If you’re lucky enough to be afforded this excellent teaching tool in your very own classroom, here are a few great ways to take advantage of its benefits:

Make note taking interactive, and easily shareable.
Gone are the days where students must spend hours copying missed notes as a penalty for coming down with an unexpected bug. With an interactive whiteboard, present and take handwritten notes as usual, incorporating graphs and drawing where appropriate. After the lesson has concluded, save your notes as a PDF and distribute them to the class via email or class website. It’s as simple at that!

Search the web for interactive learning activities.
The benefit of an IWB is that it doubles as a class-sized computer screen. If you’re looking to boost the fun-factor in your daily math lesson, visit the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives where there are tons of “interactive digital tools for exploring data, algebra, geometry and more!” With a simple Google search you’ll have tons of fun tools and downloadable apps at your fingertips for almost every subject and unit of study.

Check out what others are buzzing about.
Most IWB vendors have their own lesson sharing communities, a perk you can enjoy as a user. Sifting through community boards is a great way to find new and inventive ways to use your IWB and teach your students.

At Nickerson Corporation we believe that the quality of resources available to our teachers makes a tremendous impact on the education that our students receive. That’s why we’re committed to providing excellent blackboard, bulletin board and interactive whiteboard solutions for classrooms across the New York and New Jersey areas.

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