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What if Classroom Repairs are Not Finished by September?

August 13, 2015

You’ve heard it before, summer break is the best time to take advantage of an empty building and get started on those much-needed classroom repairs and renovations. But what do you do if the work is not finished by the time school starts? First, don’t panic! We’ve got a few great tips to help you keep students and staff safe while repairs are completed.


Tip #1: If you haven’t already, create a contingency plan. In a few short weeks students will arrive for their first day of school and your teaching staff may already be sneaking in to set up their classrooms. Speak with your contractors and ask them for an accurate timeline of the work they still have to accomplish. Then, make sure you have alternate accommodations for spaces that may need to stay offline for a while after school starts.

Tip #2: Communicate with your students and staff. Make sure that parents are aware of the renovations that are happening if they aren’t already, and explain the precautions that you’re taking to keep their children safe. Let your teaching staff know the estimated timeline for the remainder of the repairs and make sure that they understand which classrooms, hallways, and staircases are off limits until further notice.

Tip #3: Make necessary upgrades to your school’s insurance policy. Since the environment will be more dangerous by nature, you should plan ahead and up your school’s coverage. In the event that a student or faculty member becomes hurt, you can rest easy knowing you’re insured.

Tip #4: Beef up your school’s security. For the safety of everyone, additional security guards are a great idea. Students can be mischievous, so you’ll want someone keeping an eye on the construction site and all of the equipment left there.

Tip #5: Hold an assembly on the first day of school. It’s essential to stress to your students how much your administration needs their help to make these renovations successful. Explain what’s off limits and the consequences that students will face if they don’t obey the rules. Let them know about the added security as well. It might be a good idea to invite parents too!

Enjoy this exciting time as your school transforms to provide a better education for future students, and while you’re making the finishing touches on your renovations, pay special attention to your classroom furniture and school library, as they may need some updates as well!

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