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3 Ways to Utilize School Lockers

August 18, 2015

Lockers are arguably one of the most notable staples of school buildings nationwide. In fact, It’s hard to imagine a school without them! Their convenience and versatility make lockers a great addition to any education building. If you’re questioning your school’s need to refurbish old lockers or install new ones, here are a few great ways that you can utilize school lockers in your building:


  1. Lining the Hallways – The most common placement for school lockers is within the hallways. Though this is traditional of most middle and high schools, elementary aged students can benefit from hall lockers as well. Hallway lockers provide easy access to a student’s textbooks and school supplies. They also present the perfect place to store winter coats and keep backpacks and valuables locked up tight and out of sight.
  2. In Team Locker Rooms – School sports play an important role in child development, which is why they’re so highly regarded in many school communities. However, along with a sports team comes a ton of expensive sporting equipment. The addition of a team locker room creates a secure space for each team member to secure his or her uniform and equipment. As an added bonus, having a team locker room also helps to enhance school and team spirit!
  3. Inside the Classroom – You may not have realized how beneficial in-class lockers can be to your students. Think about those fragile art and science projects left unfinished and vulnerable in the classroom all day, overnight and over the weekend. Wouldn’t it be great for your students to have a place to store their projects while they’re not working on them? In addition, if your school has a band or orchestra, lockers are a great resource for storing expensive instruments safely as well.

At Nickerson Corporation, we believe that lockers are essential to the continued success of students, which is why we are committed to providing durable, secure, well-ventilated school lockers that also encourage a ton of school spirit to schools in New York, New Jersey and the surrounding areas. Our products are top of the line and our manufacturers include leaders in the locker industry. We offer a full set of locker installation services, and will work with you to devise the perfect locker layout to fit your school’s specific needs.

Already have the locker configuration you’re looking for but need a few upgrades? We can provide replacement parts at a fraction of the cost you would spend on a completely new installation. We also provide full refurbishing and conversion services to revamp and renew your trusty old locker systems.

Having fully functioning, school spirited locker systems is a great way to teach your students the importance of security and responsibility, and assist them with their education in a meaningful, encouraging and convenient way.

For more information about our many school locker solutions call 631-666-0200 today.