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Summer School Lesson Ideas for Elementary Aged Students

July 16, 2015

So, you’re teaching summer school this year and you’re drawing a blank on fun and engaging activities. When the weather is perfect for playing outdoors, it’s no surprise that your students are not easily contained in the classroom. If you’re stumped on summer lesson planning, here are a few great activities you can do to keep your kids learning while still enjoying the summer season:EducationScience – Create colored chalk. What says summer better than sidewalk chalk? With just four simple ingredients and a little elbow grease, you and your students can recreate a summertime classic. The best part about this experiment? After the chalk has been made you can let the kids take it home for some after school fun. Step-by-step instructions can be found here.

Math – Collect data using trail mix. Adding a healthy snack to your math lesson is sure to keep your students from gazing longingly out the window this summer. The wide variety of items in trail mix lends it nicely to data classifying, chart and graph making and fraction practicing. For a fun and tasty lesson plan, click here.

Language Arts – Teach alliteration through tongue-twisters. As a summer school teacher you have the opportunity to fully create your curriculum. That means you can spice things up and have a little fun! Get silly with your kids by practicing common tongue-twisters, reading tongue-twisting books and encouraging students to use alliteration to write their own riddles. Want more inspiration? Click here to see a pre-developed lesson plan.

Social Studies – Teach all over the world. Summertime is all about traveling, so why not take your kids on an international adventure? ..A fictional one of course! Have your students make passports and pick whatever country they’d like to visit. Then, “visit” a different country every day, marking your trip on a bulletin board map and learning about each culture as you go. Here’s a full sample itinerary outline so you can start planning!

Do you have any other great lesson ideas to keep kids and their minds active this summer? Let us know on Facebook page!

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