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Everything You Need to Create a Functional Science Classroom

July 14, 2015

Science classes are unique in that much of the material covered requires hands-on interaction. Since so much of the material learned calls for student collaboration to perform science experiments, it only makes sense that a science classroom should be designed with those specific functionalities in mind. If you’re looking to revamp your current laboratories, here’s a quick guide to make sure you cover all the necessary bases:


1. Choose the perfect furniture. Decision about furniture and classroom structure are the most important for your lab design layout. Remember that your furniture needs to be comfortable as well as functional. Think about how you’d like to set up your lab stations and be sure to configure desks and tables in such a way that student collaboration is encouraged. Keep in mind that you’ll need to provide your students with ample tabletop space to carry-out their experiments and a ton of storage space for lab equipment.

2. Don’t forget about safety! Since science classes often deal with harmful chemicals and manipulate the natural elements accidents are always a possibility. Your classroom should be prepared for such situations with proper safety gear built into your design. Be sure to have multiple sinks and wash stations available, and check with your local department of education on specific safety requirements. Safety goggles, aprons, earplugs and protective gloves are a must, as well as posted signs explaining classroom safety rules and emergency procedures.

3. Fill your space with tools and supplies. Once you’ve got the bare bones of your classroom built and your lab safety equipment is in place, it’s time to fill up on the necessities. Depending on grade level and curriculum your particular needs will vary. As a general rule it’s always smart to have plenty of different sized beakers available! If your students will be using microscopes or hot plates, be sure to stock up on those too.

At Nickerson Corporation we believe that the right science furniture plays an essential role in a student’s hands-on learning experience. That’s why we provide customized lab, science classroom and prep room furniture to fit your school’s specific needs. Our products are made from the most resilient materials and are able to withstand multiple science experiments and cleanups without losing any luster.

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