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The Benefits of Having a Classroom Pet

July 28, 2015

We’re sure you’ve been busy preparing lesson plans and stocking up on all of the necessary school supplies to start the year off with a bang in September, but we might have one idea that you haven’t thought of yet: Why not bring in a classroom pet this time around? Studies show that having a classroom pet provides a wide assortment of added educational value for your students. Plus, who doesn’t want a cute pet to play with? If you’re still on the fence, here are a few great benefits your students will be afforded when you add a pet to classroom:


Pets reinforce responsibility. From feeding, to cleaning out a cage or tank and even finding time to show some affection, having a class pet can teach your students a variety of lessons on how to be responsible and care for another living thing. Depending on the type of pet you choose, you may even be able to assign students weekends and breaks where they are responsible for taking the pet home and caring for it, which will alleviate the responsibility on your end!

Pets can be therapeutic. Research has shown that having a pet can significantly reduce anxiety and feelings of depression in both children and adults alike. Studies that have been carried out that are specific to classroom pets have linked having an animal in the classroom to relieving tension and creating a calming atmosphere.

Pets can enhance learning. From reading about animals to learning to care for them, there are a ton of great lessons that can be built off of having a classroom pet. Having a pet in the classroom also allows students who are not afforded the opportunity at home to get to know what caring for an animal is all about.

So, are you ready to hit the local pet store and pick out a classroom pet for the upcoming school year? If so, be sure to stick to animals that are easy to care for and less likely to elicit allergic reactions from your students. Fish, amphibians, reptiles and hermit crabs are usually a safe bet!

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