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The Benefits of School Lockers

June 5, 2015

We’re sure that if you went into almost any school nationwide you’d be bound to find lockers in some way, shape or form. Whether it’s hallway lockers for students to store important educational materials, music room lockers to stow away heavy instruments, or gym lockers to keep a change of clothes on hand and have a secure place to lock away your belongings during gym class, lockers are a staple of education everywhere. Here are a few great benefits to offering high quality, fully-functioning lockers to your students: C Improved Quality of Education – By providing your students with their own personal storage, they’ll be able to stash all necessary textbooks and classroom supplies right at school. This means they’ll have all of the resources that they need to make the most of their educational experience on hand. Allowing students their own storage space means you can also free up storage space within the classroom, since textbooks will be off of the shelves and in the lockers! This creates space for more in-class displays and learning opportunities.

Increased Convenience – With personal storage, students won’t have to worry about lugging books back and forth from home to school, or class to class. Giving them access to their own locker means they can visit it as many times as they like during the day to grab what they need for each class, and store what they no longer need to carry.

Teaches Responsibility & Security – In the spirit of education, there should always be a lesson to be learned in everything that you do as an educator! That being said, lockers teach students to be responsible for their belongings and enforce the importance of security. Having a locker also teaches students to be neat and organized, and how to best manage their time in order to make the best of each locker trip.

Fosters Self-Expression – Students are ever-growing, evolving and finding their own way in education and the world. As educators, it’s important to furnish as many avenues for self-discovery and expression as possible. One of the best benefits of student lockers is that they’re customizable and allow students to show off the things that they love. Whether it’s a hot pink makeshift paintjob made from wrapping paper, or a collage of family and friends, lockers allow students to share their personal style with their classmates!

At Nickerson Corporation, we value the efficiency and durability of a well-manufactured locker system. Partnering with leading manufacturers in the industry, including Art Metal Products and List Industries, Inc., we strive to bring high quality personal storage solutions to schools in the New York and New Jersey areas. To learn more about our locker installation options, click here or call 631-666-0200.