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Top 5 Field Day Game Ideas

May 22, 2015

It’s that time of the year! Schools nationwide are beginning to host their annual field day festivities. Most schools have specific field day activities and traditions that have been carried out year after year. Of course we love traditions, but why not add a fresh activity to the mix this year? Here’s a list of the top 5 field day game ideas that your students are sure to get a kick out of!


Ring-On-The-String: This game is great for students of all ages and requires a ton of teamwork! You’ll need a long piece of string or yarn, knotted together at the end to form a circle large enough for a group of students to stand around. Before you knot off the circle, put a shower curtain ring on the string. The object of the game is to pass the ring around the circle as many times as possible. The team who passes the ring around the circle the most times wins!

Beanbag Horseshoes: This game is just like traditional horseshoes, but kid-friendly. The setup includes hula hoops spread out on the ground, one for each participating team. Each group should line up a few feet in front of their respective hoop, and each team member will throw a beanbag toward the hula hoop, earning 2 points for every one that lands within the hoop and 1 point for every one that touches the hoop but does not go in. Tally up the total points to see which team has the most points at the end. You may want to station a team leader at the hoop to record the score.

Shoebox Slide: Set up each team up in a single file line with two open shoeboxes at the front. The goal of this relay is to have each student slip into the “shoebox shoes” and slide down the field and back as fast as possible. Education World recommends putting a cone at the far end of the field to signify where the students should turn around and slide back. The first team to have all its players slide to the end of the field and back wins!

Drop and Pop: Line your teams up and give each student a blown up balloon. Make sure to inflate the balloons so that they are easily popable with pressure. You’ll need to set up a chair at the far end of the field for each team, so they’ll have somewhere to stop, drop and pop! The goal of the relay is to have every member of the team run to the chair with their balloon and sit on it until it pops beneath them. Then they should return to tag the next teammate and take a seat at the end of line. The first team to pop all of their balloons and have all teammates seated in line wins!

Ping Pong Ball Blow: This is a great game because it can be modified in many ways to accommodate different age groups. All you need is some ping pong balls, straws, chalk and a cement surface. Take the chalk and draw a track on the cement. The difficulty level of the track can vary with grade level, but the width of the track should be no wider than a foot. Each student will receive a ping pong ball and a straw, which they will use to blow the ping pong ball down the track without letting the ball go out of bounds. You can determine the winner based on speed, or have multiple students racing at once – whoever gets to the end first wins!

For more field day game ideas, click here. Do you have any great field day game ideas to share? Tell us all about it on our Facebook page!

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