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Summer Break Countdown

May 12, 2015

Summer’s almost here, so we’re sure that teachers and students alike have begun the exciting end-of-the-year countdown. With thoughts of beach days, bike riding and park picnics on the brain, it’s sometimes difficult to keep focused in those last few weeks. Here are a few tips to end your year on a positive note and keep you concentrating through June:


Write some letters. You and your students have certainly learned a lot over the past year. One great way to share that knowledge is to write a letter. Have your students write letters to the incoming class, outlining their most memorable part of the year and lending advice to the new students on their first day of a new grade. As the teacher, write a note-to-self. There are bound to be things that you learned over the course of your year-long teaching journey that you wish you could have known or thought about in the beginning of the year. New York teacher Addie Albano suggests compiling all of the letters into a binder dated with the year. That way, you can go back and refer to them whenever you like.

Create students work portfolios. Motivate your students to produce their best work all year round with the promise of an end-of-the-year student work portfolio. As the school year comes to an end, ask each student to compile their assignments and turn in their best work for review. Make sure to include at least one assignment from each student, and show work from various ability levels so that no one feels left out. This is a great idea because it not only motivates students, but sets you up with a ton of excellent example material for assignments in future years.

Make inventory fun. The dreaded year-end cleanout is a lot more manageable with helpers. Assign your students to inventory tasks to help you when you’re compiling your shopping list of items to stock up on for the fall. “Most [students] love being in charge of such a big responsibility,” said Albano, “and are surprised when they find out how much classroom materials cost.” She suggests turning it into a unit on money management and budgeting. Through the cleaning process you may even find items worth raffling off on the last day, which is extra incentive to get the job done!

While you’re concluding the school year and prepping the classroom for a summer makeover, take notice of the state of your classroom furniture. If you find that your desks are on their last leg, or you desire a new display case for your student work portfolios, give us a call at 631-666-0200 to find out how Nickerson Corporation can help!