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Three Ways To Go Green In Schools

April 9, 2015

The push to go green certainly isn’t a new initiative by any means, but it is one that continues to gain popularity year after year – is action being taken in your school? Regardless of whether or not eco-friendly practices are being implemented yet, April is the perfect month to either get started or amp up your efforts since that is when Earth Day is celebrated! Need a few ideas?

eco friendly background - go green

The following are three simple ways that you can begin to make your school the greenest in the district:

  1. Think Digital: Between quizzes, worksheets and take home notices alone, paper is probably one of the most commonly used materials in any classroom. However, with the emergence of digital technologies, it doesn’t have to be! The next time you need to assign classwork/homework or send a note home to parents, use email and have students use the Internet or other digital platforms to complete the assignment instead.
  2. Encourage Recycling: Students often fail to recycle during their time at school because they are either a) unsure about the proper practices or b) do not have a designated bin close by to do so. To make recycling easy, be sure to distribute recycling bins to as many classrooms as possible and always have one available in the cafeteria. But if you can’t make as many accessible as you would like, have students create their own so that there is at least one in each room!
  3. Rent or Reuse: Although it is only April, graduations, end of year dances and other ceremonies are likely in the works for the next few months. If you’re in charge of one of these events, see what decorations you have leftover from last year before heading out to buy new ones.

Though these actions may seem simple, they can truly make a big difference when done as a collective effort! Which of these tips will you use?

Here at Nickerson Corporation, we are committed to environmentally friendly business practices and have made supplying “green” furniture a top priority – that’s why we work with manufacturers who currently have sustainability policies in place! For more information about our green initiative and how our products can help you work on yours, contact us at (631) 666-0200 today.