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Ways To Celebrate School Library Month

April 15, 2015

Did you know that April is School Library Month? Better yet, this week is also National Library Week! Developed by the American Association of School Librarians and the American Library Association respectively, these observances celebrate libraries, librarians and the value they provide to individuals of all ages.


To honor these observances in your school, we encourage students and teachers alike to participate in library events and incorporate reading and other literary activities into the school day. Below are few that you can consider using if you’re all out of ideas:

Scavenger Hunt: How easily can your students navigate the school library? To improve their searching skills while having fun at the same time, put together a list of books for them to find either in groups or individually. If you’d like to make it a bit more challenging, consider creating a list of questions about certain books so that there is more to the activity than just needing to locate them.

Grab Bag: Like you might already do around the holidays, have students participate in a grab bag. The catch, though, is that this time, they’ll be reaching for books! First, take out as many books as there are students from the library that are designed for their age group, then place them in a bin or bag. After mixing them up a bit, have students pick out a book that they can read over the next few weeks!

Make Your Own: Reading is fun as it is, but can you imagine how much funner it would be for students if they designed their own bookmark to hold their place? Or what about creating their own book cover to protect its front and back? For this activity, we recommend bringing students to the library, have them pick out a book, and then have them design their own bookmark or book cover however they would like!

For the rest of the week and month, we highly recommend keeping these activities in mind to instill a love of reading in your students. Which of these will you use?

Here at Nickerson Corporation, we are huge proponents of libraries and believe that they are one of the most important rooms inside any educational institution. That’s why we work with schools throughout New York and New Jersey to ensure that their libraries are fully equipped with the latest furniture solutions! For more information about the library furniture we are available to supply, please contact us at (631) 666-0200 today.