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Tips To Control Allergies In School

April 16, 2015

The sun is shining and temperatures are rising – what could possibly go wrong during the spring? Although being able to open the windows and spend time outdoors seems like a positive after being stuck inside all winter, one mustn’t forget about what spring also means…allergies!


During the last few months of the school year, many students fall victim to the pollen and other outdoor/indoor allergens and find themselves constantly blowing their nose and dealing with runny eyes – sometimes even to the point where they aren’t able to come to class. However, with a little extra effort, teachers and school administrators can work to reduce the number of allergy triggers present within their halls and classrooms so that students aren’t prone to having an allergy attack!

When performing typical spring cleaning rituals like wiping down desks and reorganizing shelves, here are a few other things that can be done to keep the student body healthy this spring:

  1. Eliminate dust by cleaning out even the smallest of spaces. Although wiping dust off of desks and the floors regularly is helpful, you never know where the smallest particles can be hiding. If area rugs are present in the classroom, they should be vacuumed regularly as well.
  2. Thoroughly inspect the classroom for water damage. Since moisture and mold can be difficult on the lungs, it’s important to catch water damage before it becomes a pressing problem. To do so, keep a close eye on windows, walls, ceilings and even the area under classroom sinks at all times!
  3. Make sure that fresh air is constantly circulating throughout the classroom – but be conscious of how! While opening the window is a great source of air, students could be further exposed to outdoor allergens that make their situation worse. To keep air flowing, the American Lung Association recommends checking to make sure that all classroom vents are not being blocked or covered!

Since allergies are such a concern for many during this time of year, we encourage all teachers and school administrators to put their best foot forward and make the effort to keep their school as free from allergens as possible! With the above tips alone, schools can certainly become a healthier place for all.

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