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Graduation rates on the rise means more folks on the risers!

April 21, 2015

Did you know that the national graduation rate hit a record high of 81 percent for the graduating class of 2013?


According to a recent article from U.S. News, John Gomperts, president and CEO of America’s Promise Alliance, said “increases in the last decade have led to nearly 2 million additional students earning high school diplomas.”

But why the sudden increase?  Studies show that this projected increase can be credited to both a shift in the method of calculating graduation rates, as well as a more hands on approach and emphasis on ‘deeper learning,’ in schools across the country.

So what is deeper learning?  Deeper learning is an educational approach that shifts the learning process away from a core centered around teacher-led discussions and lecture-style instruction, and focuses more on collaborative learning.  Schools that have made the transition to the deeper learning model emphasize critical thinking, problem solving and group-work, and stress the importance of oral and written communication. That means that students who are immersed in deeper learning are more likely to be introduced to project-based learning, experience with portfolio building, and hands on internship opportunities.

To break this down even further, Lydia Dobyns, CEO and president of the nonprofit New Tech Network, stated that “‘deeper learning builds on the earlier 21st century skills concept, and recognizes that students today need preparation that goes beyond memorization of content and principles.”

So how does this impact your plans for the graduating class of 2015?  With graduation rates on the rise indefinitely, you’ll want to make sure to prepare for the maximum amount of graduation ceremony attendees this year!

At Nickerson Corporation, we understand how memorable graduation is for students and their families, and pride ourselves on our ability to help schools plan seating solutions for an exceptional ceremony. With services ranging from a variety of products, including auditorium and fixed seating, bleachers, folding chairs and portable seating, outdoor grandstands, stages and risers, as well as inspection and repair maintenance, Nickerson Corporation can provide anything you might need to make your special day a success.

Call us today at 631-666-0200 for more information about how we can help you prepare accommodations for that growing graduation crowd!