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Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day In The Classroom

March 9, 2015

Ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in schoolFor some, March is an exciting month because it signifies the start of Spring. For others, March is one of the most anticipated months of the year for one reason and one reason only – St. Patrick’s Day! During a time where everyone and everything is all about being green, your students are bound to be talking about holiday happenings. Between local parades, the infamous green bagels and the sound of bagpipes ringing through the streets, there is something fun for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy on what most people view as one of the luckiest days of the year.

Are you looking to bring the luck of the Irish to your classroom next Tuesday? Thanks to and Scholastic, we’ve put together the following list of ways that you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the classroom:

Scavenger Hunt: Everyone knows that a pot of gold is meant to be found at the end of a rainbow, so why not create a scavenger hunt of your own to determine where your classroom’s rainbow ends? For this activity you can either scatter different pieces of “gold” throughout the classroom and see who can collect the most, or, hide your own pot of gold in one place and see which of your students can find it first.

Green Word Search: If your students are into puzzles and similar activities, create a holiday word search that includes different holiday phrases and terms; for example, “leprechaun,” “Ireland,” and “shamrock.” To make things a bit more competitive, consider presenting the student who can complete the puzzle first with their own pot of gold.

Lucky Charms Graph: Are you about to begin a math or a science lesson that involves the creation of graphs? If you’ll be asking students to plot points on a graph of any kind, consider giving them lucky charms to use as their markers as they go.

As you engage in holiday related activities, don’t forget that you can even give your students a history lesson in the background. For example, you might offer some fun facts about Ireland, the meaning behind the holiday or even St. Patrick himself! For additional St. Patrick’s Day classroom resources, please click here.

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