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Ways To Celebrate Easter In The Classroom

March 31, 2015

Once again another holiday is almost here, and that means it’s time to get your students in the holiday spirit. Although it feels like we were just talking about Thanksgiving and other end of year holidays, today’s focus is Easter; can you believe we are already up to April holidays? We sure can’t! Colourful easter eggs on grassIf you’re doing some last minute lesson plan prep, consider making some time for the following Easter activities: Easter Egg Hunt: If you ask any of your students what activity they most closely associate with Easter, there is a good chance that the majority will reference an egg hunt in some way. To do one in your classroom, we suggest hiding plastic eggs around the room, then offer students clues about where they can find them – you might even consider placing prizes, such as a homework pass, inside each one! Egg Guessing Game: Ever participate in an activity where you had to guess the number of jelly beans in a jar? You can recreate this guessing game in your classroom for Easter simply by changing jelly beans to eggs! For this activity, place a jar full of eggs (either plastic, chocolate, or even handmade) and see which student can come the closest in guessing how many there are! Similar to the last activity, you may also decide to give the winning student a prize. “Simon Says,” But With A Twist: Since Simon Says still proves to be a popular game with children of all ages, they will be sure to love this holiday version. Instead of choosing a student to be “Simon,” choose them to take on the role of the Easter bunny and have them replace “Simon says” with something such as “the Easter bunny says” when it is their turn. Do you plan to celebrate the holiday in your classroom in a different way? We would love to hear your ideas, so be sure to visit us on Facebook and let us know! Nickerson Corporation has been supplying educational furniture and equipment to schools in New York and New Jersey for over 60 years. With a product line that varies from traditional classroom furniture to cafeteria furniture, library furniture and even bleachers, there is an appropriate solution for a variety of furniture needs. For more information, please call (631) 666-0200.