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Safety Tips For Spring Sports

March 26, 2015

If it hasn’t been done already, it’s likely that your school will be making an announcement about spring sports within the next few weeks. That means it’s your job as the school administrator, coach or even classroom teacher to switch gears and begin thinking about how your students can stay safe out on the playing field in addition to in their seats during the school day. What safety strategies and techniques will you use?

With help from Safe Kids Worldwide, we put together the following list of safety tips that you should keep in mind as your students start to get involved in this year’s athletic activities:

  1. Spring sports safety tipsMake Physicals A Must: Prior to tryouts or shortly thereafter, all students should receive a physical exam by their doctor or other qualified medical professional. This will ensure that they are in good health and physically able to participate and, if not, it will determine which conditions could be damaging to their season.
  2. Hydration Is Key: Constantly encourage student athletes to bring a water bottle or other hydrating fluid to each practice. For the sake of their health and even their performance, fluids should be consumed before, during and after play.
  3. Don’t Start Without Stretching: Regardless of the sport, students should always be required to stretch either individually or as a group prior to practice or games. Since sports are so physically demanding on muscles that were likely not used during other parts of the year, stretching will help loosen things up and work to prevent sports related injuries, which, in many cases, can be extremely serious.

In addition to thinking about safety, we also encourage you to think about your athletic equipment before it needs to be put to use; faulty equipment is just another way that students can be injured during their season! At Nickerson Corporation, we believe that students should be provided with athletic equipment that is durable, innovative and most importantly, safe. To learn more about the athletic products we supply and how they can aid in your spring sports season, click here or contact us at (631) 666-0200 today.