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National Reading Month Activities

March 5, 2015

Nickerson Corporation, Long Island school furniture, National Reading MonthWhen it comes to the classroom, most teachers would probably agree that reading is a subject which often finds itself as a top priority. Why? In addition to the fact that English is a core subject of its own, literacy skills are essential for students to excel in academics across the board.

Being that March is National Reading Month, we would like to suggest a few activities that you can incorporate in your classroom to promote the importance of reading while engaging students in the act at the same time:

  1. Student Read Aloud: Depending on your schedule, select one student to read a book of their choice out loud to the class either each day, every other day, or each week. Once each reader is finished, see if the class can answer a few questions (created by the reader) about the story. This way, not only will students practice their reading skills, but they will also touch on reading comprehension.
  2. Mystery Title: For this activity, hand pick one book for each student and place a sheet of paper over its cover so that the title and author are not revealed. Then, after each student has read the book, ask them to come up with their own title based on the themes they inferred from the story. When everyone is finished, have them remove the paper and see how their title compares to the actual title.
  3. Character Search: Is your class reading a book collectively? If so, have them complete a character search once the story is complete! In the form of a word search, present students with concise statements about certain characters as they relate to the story, then see how many names they can find.

For a list of more reading and language arts activities, please click here.

Aside from the classroom, which part of your school would you say holds the closet connection to reading? If you said the library, we couldn’t agree more! At Nickerson Corporation, we believe that a library is one of the most important rooms in any educational institute. That’s why we work closely with manufacturers such as Worden, Hale, Jasper Group and Paragon; with their help, we can offer schools some of the latest innovations in library shelving and furniture. To learn more about the library solutions we supply, click here or contact us at (631) 666-0200 today.