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Ways For Teachers To Unwind During Winter Break

February 19, 2015

Nickerson Corporation, Long Island, Tips For TeachersIf you are a teacher, then you know just how valuable a week off can be. Between being able to get ahead in lesson plans and simply having time to yourself, five days out of the classroom is one of the greatest gifts you can receive!

What does your to do list look like for winter recess this week? Although grading papers, writing to parents and planning next week’s activities might be a top priority, here a few ways that teachers can also start to unwind and leave some of their classroom stresses behind –

Listen To Music | Though you might have music playing in your classroom from time to time, chances are it is somehow educational or reflects a genre that your students prefer; not you. To turn your brain onto pleasurable thoughts and feelings, spend some time this break listening to music that interests you.

Avoid Technology | Whether it be by turning on an email responder or muting any notifications pertaining to the school day, such as educational programs or apps, avoid engaging in activities that require you to turn your focus back to the classroom. Even if you plan to use your time off to craft new lesson plans, make an effort to limit the amount of times you wind up on the computer to check emails or deal with stressful situations that derive from your time at school.

Exercise | Regular physical activity is a great stress reliever. Regardless of how you integrate it into your daily routine, find time to get your heart rate up and muscles moving.

Read | Okay, we know as a teacher you are probably reading all day long to keep up with the latest topics in your curriculum. However, that isn’t the only material out there. While you can, find a book that truly interests you and dive into a story that you might not have had time to read otherwise.

If as you go through the week you realize you must spend some time planning and preparing for what will take place in your classroom over the next few months, we encourage you to also make note of the furniture and equipment your school supplies. Here at Nickerson Corporation, we believe that the furniture in your classroom directly correlates with student success, which is why we recommend updating it to include the latest and greatest furniture solutions. For more information about how we can transform your classroom to improve the overall academic experience (possibly relieving some of your stress, too), contact us at (631) 666-0200 today.