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How Does Classroom Furniture Enhance Learning?

February 4, 2015

Classroom Furniture and LearningWhen discussing a child’s academic success, most people attribute the outcome to the teacher and type of material presented. However, while the teacher and subject material are of course contributing factors to a child’s ability to understand and retain information, they are not the only things that aid in the development of the grade that shows up on a report card.

As a leading provider of school and classroom furniture to educational institutes in New York and New Jersey, we at Nickerson Corporation believe that the furniture and equipment students are presented with as well as the way it is set up directly relates to their ability to excel in the classroom. And in fact, research agrees! As seen in an article from Edudemic, classroom design can improve a student’s academic performance by approximately 25%. How? Well, strategically placed furniture can –

  • Minimize distractions, making it easier to concentrate.
  • Encourage more communication between teacher and student.
  • Improve the behavior of the class.

And that is just three of the benefits that come from having a strong classroom design! Do you have another way in which your classroom furniture and/or design helps your students succeed? We would love to know! To find us elsewhere on the web, please click here.

At Nickerson Corporation, our logo “we furnish a child’s education” reflects our belief that in order for a student to get the best education possible, they need reliable, comfortable and flexible classroom furniture – and that is exactly what we supply. By partnering with some of the top manufacturers in our field, we can provide schools with top of the line desks, chairs, storage and more. To learn about the products we offer more in depth, please check out our product pages or contact us at (631) 666-0200 today.