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Benefits Of Using Social Media In The Classroom

February 12, 2015

Nickerson Corporation, Social Media In The Classroom, Long IslandIn an age where technology consumes our thoughts and directs our actions, it seems only fitting that teachers have started to include the use of digital platforms in their classrooms. While the type of platform may vary between teachers, the reality is that technology has become an integral part of the academic experience and will likely be for years and years to come.

But let’s get more specific. Over the past few years, social media has grown to become a tool that some students may even go as far as to say they can’t live without. And since students spend a great deal of time on sites like Facebook and Twitter, many teachers have started to turn to these platforms as a teaching tool to enhance the activity in their classroom. But does it really work? Although many still debate about the use of social media in schools, some sources suggest that students can truly benefit from it; we’ve outlined a few of these advantages below –

Increased Communication – Getting students to participate in class is difficult enough as it is, but the good news is that using social media can even bring your shyest students out of their shell. By offering students the opportunity to connect with their peers and teacher without opening their mouth, even those who prefer to sit quietly and take notes may be inclined to participate in class discussions.

Keep Track of Assignments – Rather than print handout after handout and have the possibility of losing them on your conscience, using social media can help teachers and students alike keep track of their assignments. Whether it be by uploading a digital file or simply responding to questions via a certain platform, using social media can help keep assignments all in one place.

Ability To Share Resources – Do you rely on websites in class or require students to use them at home? Instead of sending the links to students via email or have them copy down the URL in class, social media can help you distribute the information to all of your students at once!

If you choose to use social media as a teaching tool, it is important to remind students how to use the Internet and such platforms safely. Prior to implementing any social media strategies in your classroom, we suggest going over a few Internet safety rules first!

Has social media or other Internet technologies become a part of your daily lessons? If you rely on the use of technology in your classroom, Nickerson Corporation has several products that you can benefit from. From our computer furniture to our interactive whiteboards, projection screens and more, we offer a variety of solutions that can make using technology in your school easy. For more information on the products we carry, please give us a call at (631) 666-0200 today.