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100th Day of School Ideas

January 14, 2015

iStock_000016554396_LargeIs your 100th day of school coming up? For elementary aged students especially, the 100th day of school is a milestone that is often celebrated in the classroom. And the best part is, this event can be intertwined with the various subjects taught throughout the day, which means students won’t lose out on any academic instruction in order to make note of it.

If your 100th day of school is on the horizon, here are a few ways that you can have fun with it in the classroom:

100 Stories:
To incorporate the 100th day of school into your language arts lessons, consider the following:

  • Have students seek out books that have to do with the number 100.
  • Depending on the number of students in your class, assign each a few short stories to read and see if as a whole, you can read 100 stories by the end of the day.

100 Word Problems:
When students switch gears to focus on math for the day, present them with 100 different word problems that require them to use the skills they are working on. To make things more challenging, you might consider splitting students into teams and setting a time limit to see which group can complete the activity the fastest.

100 Years of Trivia:
Time for social studies? On your 100th day, have students answer questions about what happened over the past 100 years! For example, you might start by asking which Presidents have been in office.

100 Species:
Last but not least, when it’s time for science, see if your students can compile a list of 100 different animal species. After they’re done, spend some time talking about where they live and discuss weather or not they can withstand temperatures of 100 degrees.

Still looking for more? For a list of 100 ways to celebrate the 100th day of school, check out this article from Education World.

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