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Organization Tips For The Office

December 3, 2014

office-04Since office administrators are responsible for handling a variety of important papers pertaining to students’ records, school events and more, organization on their end is key in order for the year to run smoothly. At the end of the calendar year, many administrators make it a point to go through their paper work and organize their office to ensure that everything from the start of the school year has been attended to and is neatly tucked away. Furthermore, at the same time, many also take some time to revamp their office by creating new storage solutions that will better their ability to complete their daily tasks.

If you’re thinking about reorganizing your office over the next few weeks, keep the following office organization tips in mind so that you can create a space that is inviting and easy to work with just in time for the New Year:

  • Start by collecting any outstanding items that are scattered on your desk or around your office and file them accordingly or discard if no longer needed.
  • Clear off your desk so that the only supplies visible are the ones you use every day.
  • Sift through your filing cabinets to thin out the amount of papers that have built up. While doing so, see if anything can be scanned into the computer and stored digitally to eliminate physical files.
  • Clean out and reorganize desk drawers so that all work supplies are easily accessible.
  • Label bins, baskets, filing cabinets and other storage solutions so that you know exactly where everything is at the start of every day.

Just like educational furniture impacts a students’ ability to learn, office furniture impacts an employee’s ability to complete their daily tasks. At Nickerson Corporation, we offer some of the best office furniture solutions so that your administrative offices are both comfortable and user friendly in order to increase productivity in your school. For more information on our selection of office furniture, click here or contact us at (631) 666-0200 today.