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Technology and Education: 3 Educational Apps You Should Know

November 21, 2014

unnamedHave you heard? Recently, many schools have started to give iPads or other tablet devices to each of their students in order to aid in the learning processes that take place in the classroom. Although the effectiveness of doing so is still up for discussion, many educators have welcomed them into their classroom because they offer several educational applications that students can benefit from. However, with so many applications available, how can teachers possibly go through them all to pick the ones that work best? To stay up to date with the latest educational and technological trends, we’ve done some research to discover which applications educators seem to love – check out three of them below!

For classrooms where students have their own iPad to work on, nearpod allows teachers to share presentations and other content with their students’ devices. Furthermore, it allows teachers to store the work that students are doing on their own personal device, eliminating the need to organize piles of students’ papers.

For students that take notes much more vigorously and have a need to remain organized, evernote is worth taking a look at! Evernote allows students to take notes, make to do lists, share ideas and resources and more. Rather than having to battle folders and binders full of notes and other paperwork, evernote allows students to store everything in one place.

Khan Academy:
This educational app is great because it offers students a dense library that covers a variety of academic subjects. In this application, students can view and participate in video lessons, take tests and more to help them further their knowledge in certain subjects and even track which subjects they need more work on.

Do you have any educational apps that you use? Which ones are your favorite? Be sure to visit us on our Facebook page and let us know!

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