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Three Teaching Tips For Physical Education Instructors

October 10, 2014

Coach Giving Team Talk To Elementary School Basketball TeamAlthough you do not work with the same group of students day in and day out, as a physical education teacher, you influence students just as much as their classroom teacher does during the time you have them under your watch. As the push to improve on our students’ health and instill healthy habits in their lives, it has become the job of the physical education teacher to consistently find new and exciting ways to keep students active while also emphasizing the importance of exercise.

With help from, we’ve collected a few tips that physical education teachers can use to promote an active and healthy lifestyle in their students, see below:

  1. Skill Work: As you plan out your activities for the week, make an effort to switch up the games and sports you play so that students are not using the same muscles every time they come to class. For example, it might be a good idea to focus on one particular part of the body each day of the week.
  2. Nutrition: While you have your students’ attention before you begin an activity, try to incorporate one health or nutrition fact as you’re explaining the plan for the day. For example, if the name of the game is soccer, you may want to share some of the most popular foods that professional soccer players eat to help them improve their ability to play.
  3. Incorporate The Family: Always encourage students to share what they’ve learned with their family members. Although most gym teachers don’t assign homework, consider sending students home with a chart where they can track how active they are outside of school each week – you might even ask them to include their family’s activity as well!

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