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Science Classroom Do’s and Don’ts

October 24, 2014

Schoolchildren and teacher in science classAcross all academic grade levels, science is often a favorite subject for students because they are given a hands on opportunity to conduct exciting experiments. However, with these experiments comes the potential for accidents since students are exposed to chemicals and other hazardous materials that are dangerous if used incorrectly. That’s why as a science teacher, it’s extremely important to emphasize safety and implement certain safety procedures in your classroom.

The following is a list of some of our favorite science classroom do’s and don’ts for you to utilize throughout the year:


  1. Wear Protective Clothing: There should always be protective clothing and gear at the ready for students to wear during an experiment. For example, safety goggles and gloves should always be worn to keep chemicals out of the eyes and off the skin. 
  2. Handle Supplies With Ease: Many science experiments require the use of glass materials such as beakers, test tubes and flasks. Before, during and after the experiment, students should always use caution when using these materials to ensure that none get broken. 


  1. Eat or Drink: Ask students to keep all food and drinks at their desks when conducting an experiment. Food and drink items can easily get in the way and if they interfere with the materials and chemicals you are using, an unforeseen accident may occur.
  2. Ignore Spills: Even when it seems slight, spills of any kind should not be ignored. Further, they should also not just be cleaned up haphazardly. Anytime something spills, carefully wipe up the liquids with a paper towel and dispose of it in a bin specifically designed for chemical waste.

Another one of the best ways to keep your science classroom safe is to have the proper lab equipment and furniture installed. That’s where we come in! At Nickerson Corporation, we are able to provide customized labs, science classrooms and prep rooms to meet all of your classroom’s needs. All of our products are made from resilient materials that are able to withstand experiments and cleanups without becoming tarnished shortly after. For more information or to begin designing your new science lab, please give us a call at (631) 666-0200 today!