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Parent-Teacher Conference Preparation Tips

October 28, 2014

iStock_000014713026_LargeFor most elementary school teachers, parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for late fall to discuss the progress of students since the beginning of the school year. Although these conferences are merely routine for experienced teachers, for new teachers, it can be very intimidating to have to sit one on one with your student’s parents and discuss their behavior and performance in the classroom. If this is your first year teaching and therefore, your first year holding parent-teacher conferences of your own, check out the following tips to help you prepare for a successful night:

  • Create a folder for each student that includes some samples of their work so that they are easily accessible during each meeting.
  • Set an agenda for each meeting so that topics to be discussed are already prepared and outlined. However, don’t be afraid to ask parents if there is something additional they would like to touch on.
  • Plan your schedule carefully. If you anticipate that some meetings will go longer than others, spread out appointment slots so that you have enough time to spend with each parent without keeping others waiting.

As you plan ahead, keep in mind that it is also important to create a warm and welcoming environment for the parents who attend. That means creating a comfortable meeting space, addressing them with a friendly demeanor and showing a sincere interest in their child and their progress. After all, parent-teacher conferences are meant to be helpful for you, your students and their parents, and are another great way to build positive relationships with the families of those you work closely with each day.

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