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Playground Benefits for Students

September 26, 2014

PlaygroundsAlthough accidents are a natural part of life, many teachers and administrators are hesitant about letting their students run around on the playground at their leisure during recess. But while to an adult playgrounds can be viewed as dangerous, it’s important to consider their impact on a child and analyze the many benefits that students reap when given the opportunity to use them.

Did you know that playgrounds can have physical, social and self-esteem benefits on children? See below for a deeper analysis of why using playgrounds is beneficial for students:


Playgrounds provide a multitude of opportunities for students to improve their physical health. For example, monkey bars help students improve their upper body strength and slides improve on a child’s leg muscles since they must climb up the stairs to get to the top.


Since groups of students tend to use the playground at the same time, they are provided with additional time to work on their social skills. In addition to practicing their conversational skills, children are also given the opportunity to work on their manners when they are required to wait for their turn to use a piece of equipment.


When young children are struggling with confidence, playgrounds provide them with the opportunity to overcome obstacles, therefore improving their self-image and confidence levels! Especially for younger children, climbing up a rope ladder or completing the monkey bars for the first time does a world of good to help them feel better about their abilities.

In honor of National Self Improvement Month, we believe that playgrounds are the perfect tool to help children improve their lives in a variety of ways. So what are you waiting for? Ask us about our playground equipment today! For more information, visit our playground product page or contact us at (631) 666-0200 today!