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Homecoming Ideas for High Schools

September 12, 2014

As high school students finally begin to settle into the new year, chances are they’re already thinking about one of the most anticipated events of the year – homecoming! For most high schools, homecoming is an annual event that takes place early in the school year that celebrates the return of both current students and alumni to the school. Although the main event is usually a football game on a school’s home field, many define the week prior as “homecoming” or “spirit” week and use this time as an opportunity for students and faculty to come together during other events such as pep rally.

As an administrator who is responsible for the set up of homecoming week, it’s important to start planning early so that your students are given something to remember – after all, when they look back on their high school career, it’s very likely that homecoming will be one of their favorite memories from each year.

One of the most common things that schools do during homecoming week is plan each day to reflect a certain theme. It is at this time that they encourage students to dress up and participate in additional activities that match the theme that is currently in place. To help you plan an exceptional homecoming week for your students this year, we’ve outlined some of the most popular themes below:

Sports Day 
Hollywood/Celebrity Day
Movie Day
Superhero Day
Mismatch Day
Crazy Sock/Hat Day
Decades Day
School Spirit Day

Converse-TX-GrandstandSince homecoming is usually the biggest football game of the year (both in intensity and crowd volume), it’s likely that your outdoor grandstands and bleachers are going to be overflowing with faculty, students and their friends and family. That’s why we recommend taking a look at your outdoor seating now to ensure that it is both safe enough and durable enough to support the amount of viewers you will have! At Nickerson Corporation, we are available to repair or replace your outdoor seating, and we also offer complete on-site maintenance and safety checks to make sure that your seating is up to code.

Are you starting to get ready for the big day? We want to help! For more information on how we can assist with your outdoor seating, contact us at (631) 666-0200 today!