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Taking Control of the Classroom: Classroom Management Strategies

September 17, 2014

As the authority figure in the classroom, it’s a teacher’s job to take control and implement effective classroom management strategies to keep their students under control. Whether you’re new to the teaching scene or are experienced in the field, it’s likely that you’ll experience a handful of disruptions throughout the year, but these can easily be handled and prevented when you know how to work the classroom. From day one, it’s important to present yourself as a leader and outline your classroom rules so that students understand which behaviors are and are not appropriate.

Though it sounds simple, the truth is that managing a classroom full of students is easier said than done. That’s why we’ve collected some of the best classroom management strategies for you to use! See below:

AnsweringTone: Always use a normal, natural voice when addressing your students. Even when students are being loud, raising your voice to get their attention will most likely result in nothing more than a sore throat for you. Instead, use a voice that you would want your students to use.

Wait: If students are getting out of hand while you’re trying to teach, take a few minutes and step back silently. Sooner or later they will realize you have been waiting and will begin to quiet down on their own.

Non verbal cues: Using hand signals or performing actions like flickering the lights is a great way to get students to settle down without having to say a word. Another great technique that works for many teachers is to clap their hands and have their students repeat the same beat.

Be engaging: Whether you’re teaching first grade or twelfth grade, sitting in one spot for an extended period of time can be difficult for your students. In order to keep them focused, be sure to create engaging lesson plans that will keep students interested for as long as they need to be.

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