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Tips For New College Professors

August 29, 2014

With August coming to an end and summer wrapping up, most colleges are getting ready to welcome this years’ group of students and are preparing to have their classes up and running (if they haven’t already started, that is). For many college professors, this means putting the final touches on your syllabus and familiarizing yourself with the material you will be introducing to your new students just a few days from now. If you’re a seasoned college professor, the last few days before classes are officially in session may be relaxing, but for those who are new to the profession, they can be extremely nerve-wracking and overwhelming! Here at Nickerson Corporation, we want to make the transition into your new career a simple one, so we’ve put together a few tips that new college professors can use to ensure that their first day is a total success:

  1. Always start by introducing yourself. Believe it or not, students really do like to hear a little bit about your educational background and your expertise in the field. But remember, your biography isn’t the focus of the class, so don’t let students coax you into spending the entire period discussing your personal life.
  2. Spend a good portion of your time introducing the course to your students. Too often teachers assume that students know what the course is about since they signed up for it, but the truth is that students are usually very unfamiliar with the course and its expectations. Avoid jumping right into the material and give students enough time to really understand what they will be learning about over the course of the semester.
  3. After you’ve discussed the course, hand out your syllabus so that students are introduced to the specifics of it. Inform students of any assignments and due dates that they need to know and be clear about your expectations of them for the semester.

Once the semester starts rolling, make an effort to learn your students’ names and hand back tests or assignments in a timely manner. Though they might seem small, these actions will show students that you care about providing them the best educational experience possible and will help them begin to feel more comfortable with you in return.

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