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Product Spotlight: Operable Walls

August 20, 2014

In order to use your space efficiently, you might find that you need to divide or separate the rooms in your school to create new spaces that staff and students can utilize throughout the day. Typically this is seen in gymnasiums, auditoriums or training rooms, but it can certainly be done in classrooms as well to double the amount of rooms available. Today, operable walls are the standard product used in order to divide such classrooms and gymnasiums. In addition to the school atmosphere, however, this product is also popular in hotels, religious facilities, restaurants and exposition halls since it provides a quick and easy solution for maximizing the use of your space.

At Nickerson Corporation, we recommend Kwik-Wall’s Moveable Wall Systems to assist you with dividing your space. Kwik-Wall offers several models of operable walls including steel framed panels, steel reinforced frames, hinged pair panels, individual panels, curve and diverter and electric wall type systems. Each of their systems are designed to endure everyday wear and tear and they demonstrate high quality standards in terms of life cycle, stress and serviceability.

operabletnKwik-Wall operable walls are available in the 2000 series, 3000 series or 4000 series. Each series differs in their height and width and are created with specific rooms and buildings in mind. To complement the style and decor of your building, Kwik-Wall also offers more than 200 color choices of Vinyl’s, Fabrics and Carpets that can be placed on your operable walls. To ensure complete customer and user safety, all materials are Class A rated in accordance with the ASTM E84 fire safety standard.

To better serve our customers, Nickerson Corporation has partnered with Kwik-Wall to supply the latest operable wall technology. If you’re in need of an operable wall, moveable glass wall, or accordion partition to help you better manage your space, we can help! For more information or to learn more, contact us at (631) 666-0200 today!