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From Library to Media Center: Library Trends and Transformations

August 18, 2014

library-08As a result of the Internet’s vast appeal and popularity, gone are the days where students are found buried in library shelves looking for the right resources to assist them in their research and class projects. Instead, today, most students are found waiting in line for the first available computer so that they can utilize Internet resources to obtain the information they need. In order to accommodate students during this shift, many libraries have begun to take on the role of a “media center,” where teachers and students alike have access to more than just books.

When updating or designing a school library, many administrators are starting to include a large number of computers and other technological equipment in their plans. Additionally, seating options and work stations have begun to move from traditional wooden furniture to lounge chairs and couches in order to promote a more relaxed environment.

For those schools that encourage and allow students to work on their own personal laptop or tablet, library furniture has even started to include tablet arms so that students have an easy and comfortable place to rest their equipment while working. By creating a work space that students find comfortable and relaxing while also updating their equipment to include more computers rather than books, schools can help students in their everyday research and make their educational experience all that more enjoyable.

Here at Nickerson Corporation, we believe that a library is one of the most important rooms in any school. From preschool and kindergarten to college, students should have the resources they need available to them in order to help them further their education. To ensure that students are receiving the best education possible, we provide schools and libraries throughout New York and New Jersey with innovative library furniture. In addition to the latest chairs, desks and work spaces, we are also available to provide you with library shelving to help you get the most out of your space.

Transform your library into a state of the art media center with Nickerson Corporation today. For more information, contact us at (631) 666-0200!