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Protect Your Windows and Doors With 3M Security Window Films & Attachment Systems

July 30, 2014

Since children spend more of their time in school than at home, it’s important to create an environment where they feel safe and secure at all times. In addition to helping students feel comfortable in school, it’s also important to implement safety policies and procedures so that parents are reassured that their children are cared for when they are out of their sight. To ensure that students are kept safe, one of the best things that schools can do is focus on who enters and exits the building at all times – whether invited or forced. To help deter any unwanted visitors from breaking into the building, we recommend using 3M Security Window Films and Attachment Systems on your windows and doors!

Did you know that the windows on any school building are one of the weakest points of the structure? That means they can easily be broken and passed through by individuals who aren’t supposed to be there. By installing fortified glass in your buildings, you can help prevent your windows from shattering, which could ultimately reduce the amount of access any intruder may have once been able to get.

Another benefit of fortified glass is that it can help protect students and staff from harsh weather conditions. During severe storms, windows can easily be broken and send shattered glass through the building, harming anyone in its way. The good news is that with fortified glass, your students will feel safe even during the worst storms because it helps reduce the likelihood that windows or doors will break or allow wind and rain to enter the building.

If you’re looking for a way to increase security in your schools, 3M Security Window Films and Attachment Systems could be the perfect solution. Their films have been exposed to windstorms, bomb blasts and other flying objects and have proven to remain intact! By adding this treatment to your windows and doors, you can rest assured that you and your students will feel safe in school, no matter what situations come your way.

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